Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ghost Dance

Today: the midwest - leaving Columbus, OH in mid morning thru a light rain & gray air - backwaters from big Sciota River churning past an industrial site - as yesterday the gray air between Lakewood & Columbus seemed moist & chilled with ghosts while the car stereo blasts Patti Smith Group Easter - the tracery of deciduous trees against a low sky - a red & weathered empty car carrier rattling between a red tractor truck on I-70 - the corn stubble & rusted silos in Indiana - Wabash River - a Covington Diner: Walleye Sandwich/Liver & Onions/Gyros/BBQ Sandwich & fries - the older couple drinking pink lemonade & smoking cigarettes - a felt cowboy hat a pair of suspenders a gumball machine - abandoned farm buildings along the interstates - turning north on I-39 & a piano version of Charlie Chaplin's "Smile" on the radio as Illinois rolls past - the corn stubble & leafless maple trees flow across the state lines - so I ask myself about the joy & sadness I've met crossing the country - "we are the tears that fall from your eye" - the lines & Vs of Canada geese wheeling in waves above a Wisconsin farm - an old farm house with green tin roof tilted by the northern weather - the clear air the chill in the air the orange sunset - the lives we've all lived the puzzles we're all untangling as the orange air diffuses somewhere past the northern prairies....


  1. was great meeting you. thanks for stopping by. ah, this song is great and makes me really, really hope you stop off in the badlands for a bit on the trek west....

  2. Hi Mouse: Ditto on meeting you! Yes, the Badlands are very much on the docket, probably Thursday! Thanks for the lunch & the travel planning too!

  3. Rich imagery here John. I felt myself trying to keep up.

  4. Very evocative! Seemed to be turning into JH poem as it went along...

  5. Hi Martin & Dominic:

    Martin: I actually have the sense of everyone coming along--it's cool!

    Dominic: That's what I'm hoping!


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