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Adams County Makes the News - Council Journal #2

Council Journal est. 1901
Issued every Thursday by L.S. Cool, Publisher and Proprietor
G.T. Burrows, Editor.

June 5, 1902

To that scoundrel who has been furnishing liquors to the boys of our town, we warn you that if this is not stopped at once, you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
A Citizen.

July 17, 1902

Marriage license has been issued for William Lay of Council and Miss Emma Woods of Gray Creek. Judge Richardson will conduct the ceremonies in his usual felicitous manner.

July 10, 1902

Judge Richardson had two cases before him the past week. F.C. Bowerman, a miner who had recently returned from the high altitude of Thunder Mountain and indulged in too much snake-bite antidote, swore out a warrant for John H. McQueen (Jack the Ripper), charging him with robbery. Jack was acquitted. The other case originated over a row among the nymphs du pave, which cost $14 to settle.

July 10, 1902

News comes from Meadows that in an altercation between Uncle Billy Irwin and a man named Phillips on the Fourth of July, the former was slashed across the face with a knife. After the cutting, Billy knocked Phillips down and beat him almost into insensibility before bystanders could get the men apart.

July 17, 1902

Lee Walston, who was arrested by Sheriff Gray on Tuesday is well known here. The Walston family came to Council last spring. Lee and his brother worked around here until taken down with the measles. He is wanted at Bedford on the charge of rape and murder in the second degree. The girl whom it is alleged young Walton raped was but 13 years of age, and died shortly after the birth of a child. The girl’s name was Jenkins. Sheriff Gray apprehended him from a photograph.

July 10, 1902

George Hartley came in from his Cuddy mountain sheep ranch this week to consult with leading democrats on the advisability of nominating the Hon. Ed. Adams for lieutenant governor. Mr. Adams being a sheep-owner, just whether the people of the other upper country will take stock in anything that is tainted with wool is a question that is just now agitating the perturbed spirit of Democracy.

July 17, 1902

Council Lodge No. 85, I.O.O.F. adopted the following resolution:

Whereas, The last great enemy, Death, has entered the home of our beloved brother, Joseph Fariello, and has taken therefrom the pet of the household: and

Whereas, We bow in humble submission to his will, who doeth all things well, we hereby tender to Brother Fariello our heartfelt sympathies in this his time of sorrow and affliction, and we do commend him to seek consolation in the thought that the Lord doeth all things well.
(The Misses Fariello perform musical numbers at a meeting of the High School Literary Society and Debating Club, 1910, page 12.)
August 14, 1902
The best work is done at The Council Blacksmith Shop, Winkler Bros., Proprietors. General Blacksmithing and Horse Shoeing and Wagon Repairing. Work Guaranteed.

July 17, 1902

Go to Thunder Mountain by way of Council where you can buy or lease complete Pack Outfits, or I will Deliver you and your baggage to Meadows, Warrens, Grangeville, Stites, Lardo, or Thunder Mountain in the quickest possible time and at reasonable rates. Baird Bros., Proprietor of the New Barn, Council, Idaho

July 17, 1902

Thomas L. Payne of Pittsburgh and Eph Day of Council came in from Yellow Pine basin to spend the Fourth. The boys have been at it since last May and have struck it rich. They have three adjoining claims about a mile from the basin, assays of which have been received from Pittsburgh running up to $500. They will take ten packhorses back with them next week.

July 17, 1902

Our friend Duffy treated the Journal crew to an excellent chicken dinner with all its concomitants on Sunday.


  1. "Usual felicitous manner?" Considering the culture of expression demonstrated in the other entries, what does THAT mean? Never thought I'd want to time travel to a stranger's wedding ....

  2. The authentic voice in 1903 with all it's ornamental inflections. The voice sounded rich with experience and personality. This special something sometimes missing by today's standards. I'd travel back in time and find myself much more the me I'd like to be, very likely. Thanks Mr Banjo! Having fun on your blogs!

  3. Hi Tomm, Dick & chiccoreal

    Tomm: So good to see you here! We miss you guys! There's some fantastic material in these old newspaper entries.

    Dick: Wild West!

    chiccoreal: So glad you've been enjoying your visits! Thanks for stopping by.


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