Thursday, March 25, 2010


The home stretch—Wyomng, Montana, Idaho: but as the east fades in the rearview mirror, here’s a song about making connections—old & newfor B.N. & Yaakov, & Willow & WT, & Lana, & Carrie & Marc, & Matt & Margot & Claire & Adele & Iris, & my mom, Bette & her friends Agnes & Mary & Shirley, & Raquel, & Jacqueline, & Molly & Tim, & Jonah & Sally, & Mouse, & especially Eberle.

Listened to this pulling in to Rapid City last night & thought of all of you, & about lots of other friends too, those who weren't along the way
—this go round. How we scatter! If we could gather all our dear friends together in one big town - & of course they'd have all their other friends & their friends' friends & so forth& pretty soon you'd have the world as it ishowever scattered & distant & imperfect



  1. I forgot all about Michelle. What a great song, especially a driving across the country song.

    Glad you're homeward bound though I can SO see you in the Badlands. Very sad I didn't get to meet you this time around. Catch you on the flip side?

  2. Hi Reya: I loved the Badlands! Will have pix on FB over the weekend. Wish I could have made it to DC, as I would have liked to meet you too--sounds like another trip will have to happen at some point!


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