Friday, June 2, 2017

Three Rockaway Beach Poems for Sandy

Rockaway Beach Setting Sun Octet

the sun lays down across the Pacific; there’s
no word for that flash, the water rolling gray

& the spume’s ragged hair catching slanted light,
creases where breakers lose eastern momentum

in steel blue ripples, one gull in silhouette
progressing north toward the point’s curtain of haze;

damp sand gleams here & there with beached jellyfish,
repositories of light in their transit


Rockaway Beach Sea & Sky Octet

from one angle the surf shows its face tattoo
ink blue; these rocks expose skin gray & sunburned

& olive, but the driftwood’s bleached; in solid
blue sky the dragon kite weaves smiling through gusts,

the boy guiding that mythic body on twine;
north, the butterfly kite trails long blue tassels,

reaching back into past lives; from another
angle surf mirrors tidal green in your eyes


Salal at the Ocean Octet

salal’s heart blossoms dangle white fringed crimson
in the Pacific’s gray breath; on the one hand,

swarms of ghosts, on the other this thing called love;
two black driftwood logs washed up on this moment’s

edge of the continent shift in incoming
tide; you in your gray sweater running beside

the dog you said in joy; salal heart blossoms
turn to bells in sea’s perpetual echo

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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