Thursday, June 8, 2017

Interstate Ave Celestial Terrestrial Double Octet


water tower rises west, green oval sun
in the wrong quadrant; seen through a barred window

the model train at rest, the trestle crosses
painted water empty; its boughs a veil that

weeping birch turned Mater Dolorosa shades
the convenience store; the man in his sky blue

jersey in the motel parking lot sweeps pink
rhododendron petals into a dustpan

six white birches stand upright in white morning,
last month’s catkins dried against the pull box lid;

clover froths up from the parking strip; the train’s
bell rings in a time signature I can’t count,

its passengers facing both north & south; just
one maple it passes is wrapped in unlit

lights; water tower rises next to the firehouse:
round green sun in stasis in the eastern sky

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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