Wednesday, December 23, 2015

bodega head sutra

        for Danielle & Jen

breakers & rip currents churn never the same
always the same: cobalt & steel & froth &
sparks of sunlight on heaving waves this
                                     day after your wedding &
here we all are in the midst of
glory & sea gulls!
                         & hard-boiled eggs, champagne
grapes, coffee in paper cups because you’ve
affirmed love on that
        scorching Sonoma July afternoon:
you in black party dress your bride in black tux—
                                       today your cowgirl straw hat &
shades & her weathered ball cap: returning to
your quotidian of picnics &
                                       plans & comfortable
clothes: all that love might entail
                                        —restless ocean everyone
clambers down trails where ice plant clings to
contemplate: we’re each small & in another’s
             reflection unique—the Pacific
opaque casting spray in ten thousand droplets casting
quantum photons off this
                           perpetually moving surface—
at the picnic table a guitar a violin two
                          voices in quirky harmony sing you
love songs that hang on the sea breeze, fade
under ocean rumble as we
              all do yearning impermanent lingering

Jack Hayes
© 2015


  1. Sweet!!!! Thank you John. "Yearning impermanent lingering" ... what a wonderful and wonderfully accurate "out"! Hugs from the state below, D

    1. Big hugs to you & Jen from rainy Oregon! : )


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