Tuesday, July 31, 2012

“The Could’ves”

[I have read many poems in my time; fun poems, serious poems, great poems, artful poems—but I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a poet who uses personification quite the way our own poet-in-residence, Barbie Angell does. Here she takes us on a wonderland trip thru a madcap menagerie of personifications—& does it as no one else!]

“The Could’ves”

All the Could’ves and Should’ves
engraved in my brain,
while the Want to’s and Need to’s
are sounding the same.

Have the Have to’s all fled?
Are the Couldn’ts all dead?
‘Cause I want to and need to,
but Nothing was said.

Can I take a trip of magic time
if I swallow all these pills?
Can I sacrifice a troubled mind?
Should a crippled soul be killed?
Do you know the place where dreams are born?
Can a scream be taken back?
Can you paste together a life that’s torn?
Is Confusion red or black?

The What if’s try to capture me.
Will the Wonders ever cease?
As the Somedays try to set me free,
Just to offer up some peace.

Are the Have to’s all void?
Are the Couldn’ts destroyed?

‘Cause the Maybes are something
that I just can’t avoid.

Barbie Angell
© 2009-the present


  1. Wonderful!!! A delightful poem; thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. aw, thank you cheryl. : ) i'm so happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! I'm with you--completely delightful! & Barbie, thanks as always for what you bring to Robert Frost's Banjo! : )

  3. my pleasure john, i'd thank you but we may end up in a gratuitous loop. ; )


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