Wednesday, August 1, 2012

crackedpots in Troutdale!

I’ve long had a fascination with found art & art made from everyday materials & scrap objects, so the crackedpots art show last week at the Edgefield McMenamins in Troutdale presented itself as a lovely way to spend a sunny July afternoon.

crackedpots is a Portland area organization devoted to creating art from recycyled materials.  According to their website:

crackedpots sprouted in 1998 in Portland, Oregon, from the fertile minds of garden designer Tess Beistel and artist Mary Lou Abeln.

We are deeply committed to reducing waste and shrinking landfills. We may be a bunch of crazy, mixed-up cracked pots, but we have a mission: crackedpots uses art to encourage our community to creatively look at trash. Reuse is at the heart of all we do. Think before you throw.

At our art shows, we showcase many Northwest artists who make provocative art from reused, recycled and reimagined materials.

Beautiful stuff in every sense of the word. & because pictures are worth a myriad of words, here is just a small sample of the wonderful & inspiring things I saw!
Sousaphone/pipe/wheel statue

I believe the bodies are the canisters from Coleman type camp stoves

Objects with mosaics

These instruments made from empty propane canisters had a lovely tone!


These rusty tool creatures (inc. next 2 photos) were among my favorites

Hand bags made from old record album covers!

Gear flowers!

Flyball-I was tempted to buy this!

Kitsch statues - amazing!

Temple bells made from CO2 canisters, with hockey pucks as clappers!


  1. These are great - my favorites are the kitsch statues and the round thing with springs coming out of it.

    1. Hi HKatz: The round thing with springs is very colorful, isn't it! I liked both of those a lot too. Thanks!

  2. So cool, especially the instruments. It always does me good to see creativity being shared.

    1. Hi Joyce: So glad you enjoyed this! It was a fun setting indeed--lots of imaginative uses of everyday objects!

  3. What a fun exhibit!!! I especially like the instrument made from a propane canister and the Temple Bells from the CO2 canisters! It looks like it was a beautiful day!

    1. Hi Cheryl: They both sounded good too, especially the propane object, which I played for quite some time. He sold it not long afterwards, so I think I should have gotten a commission!


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