Friday, July 27, 2012

“Pizza Box”

Will wonders never cease—it’s Banjo Friday!

Yes, indeed. But not wishing to throw all caution to the winds, today’s post is short & not “breaking any new ground.” It’s just a song that’s beautifully composed, played & sung by one of the most intriguing contemporary banjo artists, Danny Barnes. Long-time followers will recall that I wrote more extensively about Barnes in an earlier post, & in that piece I discussed Barnes’ use of looping techniques & other innovations to produce a true 21st century brand of old-time music. But here, it’s just Danny Barnes & his voice & his banjo.

“Pizza Box” is the title track of Barnes’ 2009 ATO release; I recommend this & all of Barnes’ music highly—& if you get a chance to see & hear him live, please do; I first learned about him when I saw him at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, & was completely wowed by the show.

Hope you have a lovely Friday, friends—listening to this sweet song will definitely help!

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  1. Yep, that was definitely a nice way to start the day. Thanks, John!

  2. Sweet, sad and quirky, great song! Yay for Banjo Friday! :)

    1. Hi Joyce: Perfect description! Hoping there will be more frequent Banjo Fridays going forward : )


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