Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"A Good Day"

[Unlike the good Dr Williams, our own banjo-uking poet in residence Carmen Leone has left what was in the icebox—for today!]
A Good Day

My one vice for the day was that left-over piece of cheesecake.
Everything else was healthy and moderately sized,
with the exception, of course, of too much salt and too much sugar
and not enough water.
But those are little things.
No one’s perfect.
The house is filled with doors I shouldn’t open
inside of which live begging chocolates and cakes
and cookies and nuts and chips
Tomorrow I may open them.
But today was a good day
and should remain so,
As long as I go straight to bed,
ignoring pleading cupboards and refrigerator doors

Carmen Leone
© 2010-the present

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