Saturday, March 31, 2012

There’ll Be Some Changes Made

Happy Saturday, dear readers. Just checking in with you quickly about some changes I’ll be trying on the blog at least during the month of April.

I’ve decided that I’ll be reducing the Monday Morning Blues & Banjo Friday series to every other week rather than weekly. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, these series simply aren’t getting many readers at all, & the posts themselves—while generally enjoyable to write & research—are relatively time-consuming. The series will run in alternate weeks—for instance, this coming Monday I’ll run the Monday Morning Blues (with a brand new series starting up—stay tuned), but there won’t be a Banjo Friday on April 6th; then the next week it will be just the opposite.

All the other series will continue as they have been running—Barbie Angell’s & L.E. Leone’s poems will appear on alternate Tuesdays; Rose City Wednesday & Sunday’s Photo of the Week will continue to appear weekly.  There will be no regularly scheduled posts on Thursday or Saturday, but I will leave them open (especially Thursday) for things that may come up thru the week; that's also at least theoretically true for the open Mondays & Fridays. Anyhow, that's pretty much how things have been for a while.

This will mean I'll only be committed to writing two posts per week, & I suspect that will generally be a good change
for me at least.  But I assure readers—& also other people involved in the blog—that there are things the blog offers that continue to excite me, & that continue to fit into the rhythm of my life—which of course has changed very much over the past several months.  Maybe I feel the need myself to re-group some, & cutting back on the music posts seems a way to give myself a little space to do that. I have been very much absorbed in the question of “3-D” versus “virtual” life of late, & drawing back a little on the blog is also a way of addressing that question.

But if you know me at all, you know I’m a Heraclitean at heart—I believe very much in the concept of change—never stepping in the same river twice & so forth. So for now these ideas are a concept I’ll experiment with in April, & come May, we’ll see which direction we turn!

Have a nice Saturday, friends. I leave you with the great, unique & inimitable Fats Waller to tell you the rest of the story!


  1. Knowing when it is time to make change is an important skill. I, this past week, made some changes in my own blog schedule and it has helped. Wishing you the best!

    1. Hi Joyce: This blog has changed in various ways over time--it'll be 4 years old in August. One piece of feedback that I've gotten from several close friends is that there's too much content to keep up with; it's not like a memoir or journal blog. I think a reduced posting schedule makes sense at this point, & as I mentioned, the music posts were the obvious candidates: they don't have the same readership as other features & they're time-consuming for me. Really appreciate your support!

  2. You've got a great sky there, John.

    1. Hi T: We've been seeing some sun the last few days--sure is nice! How about up your way?


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