Tuesday, March 20, 2012


[L.E. Leone tells me this poem is based on a true event, to which I responded that she & her gal friend must really have loved the titular brick. Intrigued? Read on!]

Bitch stole our brick. It’s true
we have a lot of bricks, but
still. Who does she think
she is, taking that one
out of our wall &
carrying it around the
corner to her car, into the
passenger side window. She
dropped it on the seat, & drove

off. I saw this all and didn’t give
chase but now I wish I would’ve

…is the title of this poem, and the body goes like

                                One way of looking at it: She must
                                have really really needed that brick
                                pretty bad, to take it from under us
                                and in broad daylight. Another way

would be you fucking bitch, you
skinny skirted student of schooly
shit, goddamn it! Punk, you left a
hole in a wall like war does. Fuck

                                you. And your gold Toyota Camry,
                                license number VLS306, Louisiana
                                If I find your car I’ll jimmy into it &
                                throw that brick from the inside back


L.E. Leone

© 2012


  1. Don't you just love it when a poem - or anything - makes you laugh with the surprise of it?

  2. Hi Mairi: Yes, indeed! L.E. Leone can be quite good at producing that in her poems.


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