Tuesday, May 22, 2012

“Playing with the Queen of Hearts”

[In which Barbie Angell, in her best Chaplinesque mode, takes us on a poetic exploration of the “games people play"—enjoy!]

Playing with the Queen of Hearts

I’m Spying a future
in my Jigsaw of dreams,
though Monopoly cash
is just out of my reach.

But when I land on Payday
my Life will be fine,
a Barrel of Monkeys
that laugh all the time.

It’s no grand Operation,
these Ladder I tread,
though when I hit the Chutes
I just land on my….head.

I’m a Pawn in this game,
Yes, I’m the Old Maid.
If I really need Hearts,
I will only get Spades.

So I’ll sip on my Gin
until I get a Clue,
‘cause the Kings in a Corner
playing Skip Bo with you.

Barbie Angell
© 2009-the present


  1. This is one of my favourites of Barbie's. It's great fun, but it has a bittersweet message.

    I was fearful of the "Old Maid" from age Three to Thirty-three!

    1. Fun & bittersweet is a good description of Barbie's poetry, really. The combination is one of the things I like so well. Thanks for stopping by, Kat!

    2. kat, thank you. : ) i'm honored by your assessment. i wrote this for my best friend when i moved away. i was always afraid of the old maid too. the photo in the deck i had was creepy.

      john, thank you. : ) you're so sweet.

  2. Life's a game, the heart's full of pain, but you can't do much more than laugh.

    I enjoyed this clever poem.

    1. Well said, HKatz! Thanks, so glad you liked Barbie's poem.

    2. hkatz, love it, thank you. : ) i'm flattered you thought it was clever.

      john, agreed. : )


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