Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“Matches From the Truckstop”

[A virtual road trip thru the landscape of emotions with our favorite Rockstar Poet-in-Residence, Barbie Angell. Barbie tells me that her drawing of a daisy is a self-portrait—it seems to fit nicely with this poem!]

Matches From the Truckstop

My life is at a rest stop
in the middle of the nite.
Just another tired driver
who is fading from your sight.

And the dashboard glow unnerves me
like a spotlight on my mind
and I don’t know where I’m going
or what to leave behind.

But I wonder if I’ve lost it
or if it’s just not here
and I search around the back seat
for all the things I fear.

So I’ll fumble with the radio
for a song that takes me home
to a world of better lighting
where I never feel alone.

‘Cause my hindsight is the future,
the fortune that I’ve earned
and the ever telling promise
of a love that is returned.

There’s a bind that holds the distance,
and a game forever played,
and an endless tin of memories
that have been and will be made.

Barbie Angell
© 2009-the present


  1. "An endless tin of memories" - it would make a fine title for a blog. It makes a fine poem as well.

  2. thank you alan. : ) i think you're right, that would make a good title for a blog. thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. Replies
    1. thank you joyce. : ) i really appreciate it.


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