Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"The Quest"

[Help us celebrate Robert Frost's Banjo's third anniversary with a wonderful poem & artwork by Rockstar-Poet-in-Residence, Barbie Dockstader Angell!]

The Quest

Fate wandered alone in a field of Regret.
Unsure of his fortune, aware of his Debts.
He had heard of a place where Dreams are a dream.
Where Honesty lives by a clear, crystal stream of
unconscious thoughts and moments of Pride.
Where Wisdom gives Life to the Hopes that have died.
The place where Confusion and Certainty meet.
Where the Music is true and the Memories sweet.

He  took  a  wrong  turn  and  soon  lost  his  way
as he searched for the place where Happiness stays.
Soon Fear crossed his trail and Fate realized
that the place would evade him the more that he tried.
As he came to a forest overrun with Torment,
he saw in his Heart it was time to relent.

Then deep in the darkness, he saw a Will running free,
and he knew in that moment all the things that could be.
So he made his own path,
and he took his own time,
and he founded a place
that he simply called, “Mine”.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. 3rd anniversary of your blog? Congrats! :)

    he founded a place that he simply called "Mine"
    This I found especially beautiful.

    It's strange about this poem - there are so many abstract words (Honesty, Wisdom, Pride, etc.) but the poem doesn't have an abstract feel to it. It's like I can see Confusion and Certainty meeting (maybe curling up against each other and coexisting peacefully, at least that's what came to mind for me); there's a concrete feel to it. In some ways it's like figures in Greek myths, personifying these qualities.

  2. Hi HKatz: Thanks! I think what you've said about the abstract seeming concrete is one of the consistent characteristics of Barbie's poems & one of the qualities that make them so interesting. Glad you liked it, & thanks again for the good wishes!

  3. hi hkatz & thank you. :) i do love playing around with personification. i'm glad it worked so well for you in this piece. i was trying to express that these abstract ideas can offer real action. it seems i've succeeded with you. :) thanks again.

    hi john, thank you. you're always so wonderful to me and such a supporter of my work. i'm completely honored to have helped you celebrate your 3rd anniversary. :)

  4. Barbie: It was totally my pleasure, as it is my pleasure to support your work here. Thanks!


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