Saturday, August 20, 2011

Betwixt & Between & an Excellent Blogger

Hello everybody.  Hope you’re looking forward to a pleasant weekend, & thanks for spending a few minutes of that here on Robert Frost’s Banjo!

If you’re a regular reader &/or connected to me thru various social media, you know I’ve been going thru some major changes over the past while.  After living in rural Idaho for the better part of 14 years, I moved to Portland, Oregon two weeks ago, & am living there with friends while I seek out more permanent living quarters.

The move also meant a major transformation in my life’s most significant relationship, as Eberle (whom regular readers also know from her many contributions here) & I have decided to pursue separate paths in life.

So just like my friend the squirrel, I feel a bit up in the air & perhaps uncertain which way to turn at times.  In Idaho I had a certain identity as a musician/blogger/poet that now is being translated from a very rural setting to a very urban one.  As we know, with any translation, things get added & subtracted, & the end result is both the same & different.

I’ll try to make Robert Frost’s Banjo a bit more personal in the wake of this move.  Now don’t worry—all your favorite music, poetry & other series will continue.  But once every week or two I’ll try to chime in with a bit of an “emotional weather report” or newsy post.

Speaking of a nice piece of news: I was touched last week when one of my very favorite bloggers, Jacqueline T Lynch, named me as a recipient of the Liebster Blog award.  As I mentioned some time ago, I’ve decided not to display awards on this blog or to pass them along, as I find the latter situation more than a bit awkward—someone is always bound to be left out.  But I have huge respect for Jacqueline T Lynch as a writer & blogger, & also as a person I got to meet once as I was passing thru her home state of Massachusetts.  If you want to read about classic film, New England or repertory theater, you really need to be subscribing to Jacqueline’s blogs, namely Another Old Movie Blog, New England Travels & Tragedy & Comedy in New England.  Jacqueline Lynch is an accomplished & witty writer who never fails to produce first-rate, informative & entertaining blog posts.

In addition, Jacqueline is a published playwright & novelist, & you can find out more about her books (which I recommend!) on her web page here.  All of Jacqueline’s novels are available as ebooks.

Thanks so much Jacqueline!  & seriously, if you’re a blogger on any of my blog rolls, & you’d like the Liebster Blog award to display, please consider it passed on to you with my regards!

Oh, & speaking of “emotional weather reports,” how about some Tom Waits to take us into Saturday!


  1. Hi John... even in Portland's urban setting you are still a musician/blogger/poet! I hope you can settle in soon. Moving & trying to find permanence is trying. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness, John. I'm truly grateful. I hope you and your squirrel friend settle on a more comfortable position, but with just an interesting perspective, very soon.

  3. These may be uncharted and uncertain waters, John, but I have a feeling that your creativity will guide you through. All good wishes.

  4. Hi Cheryl, Jacqueline & Martin

    Cheryl: Thanks! I feel like identity shifts with a shift in context/surroundings, but yes, I'll still be making music & blogging--who knows, I might even write a poem or two at some point!

    Jacqueline: You are very welcome! & thanks for such a thoughtful wish--I'll keep that in mind!

    Martin: Thanks for that! Uncharted waters are good sometimes.

  5. That's a well-deserved blog award.

    Good luck with everything going on in your life; I like your view of it:
    As we know, with any translation, things get added & subtracted, & the end result is both the same & different.

    I'm also fast approaching what's looking to be some major transitions in life (I'll know more in the coming week) - so I'm working on myself to have an optimistic attitude towards the uncharted waters ahead.

  6. Hi HKatz: Thanks for the good wishes. Tho I only know you thru the internet, I'm really confident that whatever waters you're about to sail, you'll do so with success & aplomb--all my best wishes!

  7. As a naturally urban animal who has had to make the best of a rural environment I know what you mean about translating identity. It can feel quite awkward. I hope it all works out for the best for you.

  8. Hi Dominic: Thanks! I'm more comfortable in the urban atmosphere than in the rural, so while there's certainly culture shock involved, it's probably less than when I moved to Idaho from San Francisco. Thanks again for the good wishes!

  9. Good luck with it all, John. Except for the rain, good stuff is all I've heard about Portland and the whole of Oregon. You've been around enough to have interesting info and perspectives on the new place. Hope to hear them now and then.

  10. Hi Banjo52: It is a great place! I hear a lot about the rain (& I did live in San Francisco for close to 10 years, which also has rainy winters, tho not for as long), but I also know what winter is like in the Idaho rangeland & I'll tell you, it's not much fun. Yes, I'm looking forward to sharing some about the move. Thanks.


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