Thursday, April 14, 2011

Me & My Guitars

Money has been a bit tight here at Robert Frost's Banjo central for awhile, & while it would be an exaggeration to say the wolf is at the door, maybe we can at least hear him in the hills—coyotes anyway!  As a result I've been "liquidating some assets" in the form of musical instruments—a bit sad, tho I haven't sold any instruments that I'm using in my current musical incarnation.  But I thought you folks might like to take a look at some of my past & present guitars.  As an added bonus, there's an embedded mp3 of yours truly performing Lightnin' Hopkins "Rainy Day Blues" at the end—the guitar on that one is my Beard Gold Tone Resonator guitar.  Enjoy!

My first guitar, an old Washburn OM-still have it, love it—great fingerstyle instrument!
A Takamine jumbo that I've sold—good guitar; a friend once called this a quintessential "guy & guitar pic!"  
I've had this Ibanez electric for quite a while—pretty basic, but I'm holding onto it until I get a Telecaster!
I performed/recorded/composed a lot with this Ibanez hollow body electric—sold it recently; a bit sad, but it went to a good home!

Love my 1958 Harmony Master! Have only performed with it a few times, but it's a cozy instrument to play either fingerstyle or with a flat pick!
Me & my Regal single cone resonator! Love! At the Council Mountain Music Festival in 09
Me & my Beard Gold Tone Resonator—Ditto! You can hear it in the mp3 below!

A nice Recording King squareneck tricone—lap style playing just isn't my thing, so we never hit it off; this one's for sale, & I'm hoping I can find it a good home.


  1. Not just a bit sad, a lot sad, I would say. I really feel for you and sincerely hope it gets no worse. My thanks for all the pleasure you've given and still give. Here's hoping for better days to come.

  2. I feel your pain! I sold both of my guitars - a Yamaha acoustic and my Epiphone Standard electric - last Fall when things got so bad. But I kept my teardrop mountain dulcimer from Folkcraft Instruments; that baby will never be sold!

  3. Hey John, I'm really sad to hear your news. I have a Fender 12 string and a Ibanez copy of a Gibson Jumbo. It's been a close call, sometimes, but I've never had to seriously consider selling...yet.

  4. Hi folks: Thanks to you all--a general note: I want to make sure it was clear that of the 8 guitars pictured, I'm keeping 5, so things aren't as bad as they could be! I did sell a 4th guitar, a cheap Fender classical model, & have sold a couple of other instruments. But there were plenty to start with.

    Dave: Thanks! The big one was the hollow body Ibanez, which I used in Five & Dime Jazz & the Bijou Orchestrette--it was featured on our recorded score for the 1923 film The Grub Stake.

    Roy: Thanks! But I feel much more for you, since 2 out of 3 is much worse than what I'm facing at this point. Since I make $ from having guitars (teaching & to a lesser degree performing) I can only sell so many.

    Martin: Thanks! How do you like that Fender 12-string?

  5. All your guitars are beautful and I'm sorry (and possibly a litle bit angry at the world) that you have to sell any of them.

  6. John - My wife bought it for my 50th birthday. I had one years ago, but well, it's a long story.

    To tell the truth, I don't play it nearly often enough, but it sounds great, when I do. The guitar, I mean, not my playing!

  7. I enjoyed listening to the music, and also getting the visual of what guitar you're using for the piece. It's a shame that you had to sell some of them.

  8. It is always hard when an instrument leaves the nest. I remember thinning out my herd of instruments many years ago - I sold a few instruments I didn't play much at a time the money would be very useful. There was only one I parted with that I regret having let go.....

  9. Hi TFE, Martin, HKatz & Doug

    TFE: Don't get too mad--it's ok (& I'm being serious here); but I appreciate the support.

    Martin: Well, obviously I'm not in a position to buy, but occasionally of late I think about 12-strings; used to swear I wanted nothing to do with them!

    HKatz: Glad you found it interesting--thanks!

    Doug: My position is a bit different, in that the money pinch may be a bit tighter than what you describe, but it is true that I'm not parting with anything I'm performing on at this time--there is a potential second wave, but I'm not thinking about that yet. Right now my biggest regret is that no one locally is showing any interest in the Recording King, because I do need the $. Thanks!


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