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Adams County Makes the News - Adams County Leader #29

The Adams County Leader  Official Paper of Adams County
Price $2.00 Strictly in Advance
Published Every Friday by E. E. Southard
Matter for publication should reach this office not later than Thursday noon – earlier if possible

December 18, 1925

This week a letter similar to many that find their way into any newspaper office was received.  It was from an entire stranger, and was as follows:

“Waldport, Oregon, December 9, Official County Paper, Council, Idaho: Dear Sirs: Enclosed find stamp.  Please mail me copy of your paper, so I can get an idea of your city’s business, and what is doing in your section.”

Of course, the paper had to be sent: the man had sent stamps to pay for it, and had every right to expect to receive what he had paid for.  He wanted, most likely, to change his residence, and was casting about for a place to enter business, or to at least make for himself a new home.  He wanted to find out what sort of a district he was headed for before spending too much money running around investigating.

Now what impression did this man get of Council?  The official county paper, of which he did not know the name, will show this man that Council is in Adams County, and in Idaho.  It will show him that Council has, so far as he can ascertain, no bank, no meat market, no grocery store, no creamery, no candy shop, no stationery store, no Christmas goods of any kind for sale, and only one firm handling general merchandise—and that a rather small concern, if he is to judge from the advertisement-- and of course he has no other way of judging.  His first thought will doubtless be: “Goodnight, I don’t want to go there!”

Of course, the impression he gets of Council will not be true, but whose fault is it?  Who is knocking Council—is it the paper, which urges merchants to advertise, or is it the merchants themselves, who thus cause to be sent out from the home town every week a worse knock against this section than anything that any paper on earth could ever manage to print, if it should do its very worst.  Who is it that is doing the real knocking?  The fact is that this whole thing is just plain foolishness and unworthy of grown men.


The missionary tea will be held on March 4th, with Mrs. E. H. Fears.

Found- Fountain pen on street.  Enquire at Leader office.

Why don’t you bring the missus and have your Sunday dinner at the Evergreen café? 40 cents a plate.

The bridge at Middle fork, which the recent high water swept out, is undergoing repairs.   Two new piers are being put in, and the expectations are that it will be ready for traffic in  a couple of weeks.

Jess L. Bedwell, who was forest ranger in Council but is now located in Spokane, was
called to Washington D.C. on the investigation concerning the white pine blister blight.

The Lappin Family listened to the radio in the George home till a late hour last Saturday

Persons intending to go to the McCall Winter carnival in March should notify their local railroad agent in order that arrangements may be made for enough sleds and teams to meet them at New Meadows and transport them to McCall.  If this is not done, persons will be running the risk of facing insufficient sleigh accommodations to meet the demands of the traffic, and general confusion and inconvenience to everyone.

Christmas Shopping Made Easy

Seventeen piece Doll Tea Set; Small Iron Gas Stove with Utensils; Small Sewing Machine. 

Other items from Toyland: The Dolls, The Trunks, The Erector Sets, Books, Stationery, Iron Toys, Wooden Toys, Game Boards, Tricycles, Kiddie Kars, Wagons, Buggies, Beds,  Skooters, Sand Pails, and Blackboards.
5-10-15 Cent Store and Variety Store.  Weiser.

Winter Carnival at McCall March 6th and 7th.  Excursion Rates over the P. & I. N.   Railway.  New Meadows to McCall and Return by 4-Horse team and sleigh.  Why go to
Switzerland when Payette Lakes are so near?

Read your home paper.  Only $2.00.

February 5, 1926


Every depositor in the defunct First Bank of Council is invited and expected to be present at the meeting to be held at the courthouse in Council, Monday afternoon, February 8, at 2 o’clock.

February 5, 1926



The Leader is taking the liberty of printing the following excerpts from a letter from Fred Cool, formerly president of the First Bank of Council, now a resident of Portland:
Friend Southard: I cannot tell you how much I regret to learn of the closing of the First Bank of Council, for while I have very small personal interest there now, it still seems like home, and I willingly admit I have not been able to make the close acquaintances and true friends on other places that I have in Council.  Of course I realize that this will work a temporary hardship on everyone in the community and slow up business.  And after all, business is community life.  I heartily agree with you in your statement and request for the people to get together, cease local controversy, and boost for Adams County.  For without a doubt, you have one of the best communities in the west, and better times are ahead.

Sincerely yours, Fred Cool.
February 5, 1926


New Meadows, Idaho—My Dear Mr. Southard: It is with a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction to us and we know to you, to learn from us that this bank has suffered no loss to speak of during what might have been exciting to us on account of the closing last Friday of the bank there.  Numerous ones here came in and asked if there was anything they could do for this bank and if we needed assistance.  We were assured of strong support if needed and we are glad to state now that we have numerous accounts on our books from Council; each train brings us new accounts, this now being the only bank in Adams County.

We are sorry with you that Adams county should lose one of its needed institutions, and if there is anything we can do to serve those there until such time as they will likely organize another bank, we would have you feel free to command us.

With sincere best wishes we remain yours very truly,
E. F. Kimbrough

compiled by Eberle Umbach


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