Friday, April 15, 2011

Homegrown Radio 4/15/11 – Ami Worthen

Friday is here, & hope you’re ready for today’s edition of Homegrown Radio, because it’s an exciting one!  Once again, we’ll be featuring Ami Worthen of the band The Mad Tea Party.

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I love the Mad Tea Party’s music; I gave them a write-up here.  In addition to Ami Worthen’s singing, songwriting & ukulele & guitar player, the Mad Tea Party also features Jason Krekel, who is simply one heckuva guitar player—& Krekel also sings, plays fiddle & composes! 

I’m jazzed that Ami Worthen agreed to supply a couple of songs for this month’s Homegrown Radio series, & I also should mention that Ami has just released an ep called 4 for 40, which you can download on a pay what you can basis right here.  Hope you check her album out, & please be generous when paying what you can: Ami Worthen is a seriously talented musician.

The two songs Ami submitted for Homegrown Radio are not on the ep, so these are a bonus!  This week’s song is “On a Summer Night”—let’s see whatAmi has to say about it:

Another old song, written in the summer of 2004 when gas prices were way high, Asheville was in a drought, and things felt sort of hopeless. Luckily, love and romance supercede most troubles.

Doing solo home recordings like these liberates me from some of the standards we hold for Mad Tea Party. As a band, we strive to put out professional sounding recordings. In contrast, I am comfortable with releasing free solo downloads that are not studio quality. Also, since Mad Tea Party is such a rock 'n' roll dance band, these home recordings are a place where I can embrace my folkier side. I hope to do more over the course of the year.

Thanks again!

You can hear Ami’s first song, “Pounding Down the Trail,” here, & you also can follow Ami Worthen on her aptly titled blog, Ukulele Rockstar.  She posts regularly, & her interesting observations on music, art & more are always interesting!  So enjoy the music, & don’t be shy about commenting—I know Ami would love to hear from you!

  Summer Night by Ami Worthen


  1. As you know John I am a regular visitor, but I seem to have missed out on Ami before. Glad to say I have made up for it now. Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Hi Alan: I believe Ami is only planning on submitting the two songs I've posted so far, but glad you enjoyed them!


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