Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Dad's Photos!

NOTE: In my haste to get this posted, I neglected to notice that there is no "Sepia Saturday" as such this week! But hope you enjoy the pix anyway.

Happy Saturday everybody—I’m a bit late posting this, but am still dealing with the results of a “freak” injury that happened last Monday. In short: yes, it is possible to injure yourself while reading in bed, especially if the reading is done on an air mattress!

& as my father always used to say, “It’s hard to fly on one wing” (tho he meant something very different from a muscle pull when he said that!), but here’s my Sepia Saturday post at last (see note at top!). As some of you know, I recently concluded a cross-country road trip during which I visited my mother in Massachusetts. Much to my delight, & much to the benefit of upcoming Sepia Saturday posts, my mother gave me three old photo albums while I was there—two of my father’s, & one of her family. My father’s albums date from the 1930s, while my mom’s dates from the ‘teens & 20s!

I’m starting out with images from one of my father’s
albums—this one has a number of images from the time when he worked in Townsend, VT for the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid 1930s—in fact, I plan on using some of the CCC images for next week’s post. But for today, I thought I’d show three images of my dad—as a “card” (as my mother would say), hamming it up, barefoot & in a sport coat; sitting in his apartment holding the very photo album from which these photos are taken; & as a CCC worker. These three images sum up a lot about him—tho I must say, he was a snappier dresser in the 1930s than he was in later life.

By the way, those of you who are interested about the CCC—to my mind, a great program, & one that could be copied to the general profit these days, given the unemployment rates & the major infrastructure problems facing the country—I’d recommend reading Jacqueline T. Lynch’s post “CCC Company 1156 – Chicopee, Mass” on her excellent New England Travels blog—Jacqueline is one of the bloggers I had a chance to meet on my cross-country odyssey.

Hope you enjoy the pix!


  1. Hi, Enjoyed your photos. Did you see mine last week about my father in the CCC's? It's nice to connect with people who have shared memories.

  2. Hi Barbara: Thanks! I did check out your post--really enjoyed it!

  3. That first picture is like a movie reel. Wonderful of your mom to give you the albums and glad you shared. Your dad looks like a man of letters!

  4. Wow! That's so exciting to have a whole new collection of memorable photos to delve into (and share).

    I really like the top one especially and isn't it interesting how the developer's paper included that design that framed the picture. I have a few of those too.

    Sorry to hear about your injury. It's weird; sometimes you can hurt yourself without even knowing it (until the pain sets in then you wonder what the heck happened). It was different when we were kids; you would get hurt, cry for a bit and then the pain would just magically disappear.


  5. wonderful photographs!!!!

    however, you aren't late at all, in fact if anything you are early!!!

    i think the top pic is my favorite - although they are all great.

    sorry, to hear about your injury....being hurt while reading in bed sounds like something that would happen to me! beds and bathrooms can be very dangerous places!!

  6. Those inexplicable injuries...funny how they become more common the older we get. I wonder why that is?

  7. Hi Jen, Kat, Mouse & K

    Jen: He does look like that! Despite the fact that he was always a blue-collar worker, he could look that way--once while I was in college, my girlfriend's roomate saw him & was convinced he was a professor!

    Kat: Ah, yes, for the days of a scraped knee! This is actually quite a painful little thing I've come up with. Glad you liked the pix!

    Mouse: Thanks--that is a great photo, I think! My father was big on photographs involving mirrors.

    K: How does this happen?

  8. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the previous of some of your CCC photos when we met. Looking forward to the rest of them.

    Got to watch those reading injuries. More people have been injured while reading than killed in auto accidents. Something should really be done about it.

  9. Hi Jacqueline: Thanks! I'll try to be more careful while reading in the future.

  10. The first photo is just wonderful, with the mirror reflection, and that great scarf tied around his neck. You look a lot like your father, John. That last one made me giggle~~lots of personality going on there!

    Looking forward to more excerpts from the newly acquired albums!

  11. Hi Willow: & thanks! I get a kick out of that last one too.


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