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Adams County Makes the News - Council Leader #6

The Council Leader
Ivan M. Durrell, Editor and Publisher
Council, Washington County, Idaho

April 28, 1910

Last week the Associated Press sent broadcast over the nation the startling announcement that Missouri hens, strictly up to date, were laying “comet” eggs: eggs with tails to ‘em. In one instance the appendage was one inch in length and in another, two inches.

A wise old Meadows hen, hearing this wonderful story—by wireless on chicken telepathy— dusted herself, shook her plumage, and said to her spouse in chanticleer talk, “Humph! Idaho can beat Missouri any day!” And when Mrs. M. E. Keisur, the owner of this wise old fowl, went into her henhouse last Monday morning, lo and behold! The feat was accomplished: there lay a “comet” egg with a tail over five inches in length and more than an inch broad at the outer end. The boss chanticleer of the flock then crowed with lusty pride, “Oh, Missouri ain’t so much!”

Meadows Eagle

February 15, 1910

The Mesa Orchard Co. has started to haul the lumber for their seven-mile flume. With the completion of this flume, the big canal will be ready to deliver water to the orchards.

September 30, 1910

An expert orchardist declares that they are the best ever produced: “I believe there are more perfect apples to the tree in Council than any other spot on earth. I believe Council valley is on the map to remain for many years to come as the best commercial apple growing section of the northwest.”


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For a nice refreshing drink of soda water go to Billie Brown’s

At the baby contest in Cambridge on the Fourth, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ward’s one-year-old baby boy won first prize.

The strawberry crop was unusually large this year. Mr. Whitney gathered nearly two hundred gallons from his strawberry vines.

Butter wrappers available at The Leader.

April 30, 1909

We are having rainy weather the past two days and the hills are beginning to get green once more.

Harry Brown, traveling salesman for the Ogden Candy Co., accompanied by his wife arrived in town on Monday’s stage.

Little Orpha McCully has been very ill with typhoid fever.

April 8, 1910

Always iron lace on the right side first, and then on the wrong side to throw up the pattern.

When ironing laces, cover them with clean white tissue paper. This prevents the shiny look seen on washed laces.

Use corn flour instead of ordinary starch for stiffening laces.

Laces and other delicate trifles should be placed in a muslin bag before being boiled. This prevents their getting torn and lost in the wash.

April 15, 1910

A Boosters Club was organized a few days ago for the purpose of promoting the development of Council and Council Valley. Only those who are interested in the development of the town and country are eligible for membership. The agitation of good roads and a cleaner and better town will be among the foremost actions the new club will dwell upon.

July 8, 1910
The Council baseball team went to Payette Lakes and played a couple games during the Fourth of July celebration there. The first day they played the Meadows team and won by a large margin. The second day they played the Roseberry team and walked off with another easy victory.

July 8, 1910

The Fourth was passed very quietly by most of the Cottonwood people. Earl and Glenn Kiser went to Weiser. Several went to Middle Fork fishing. There was a family reunion at the home of Mrs. Moser, all of her children being present except the oldest daughter.

compiled by Eberle Umbach


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