Thursday, April 22, 2010

“Natural Resources”

Happy Thursday, everybody. Today, as most know, is also Earth Day, & in honor of that I’m posting a piece by Utah Phillips & Ani DiFranco that really connects the dots about how environmental issues connect to other important matters. As many know, I’m a huge fan of the late Utah Phillips, & his unlikely pairing with folk-punker DiFranco produced a truly beautiful album, The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere.

In other news: Eberle & I are enjoying a visit from our good friend Margot K & her daughter Iris, out here in the Wild West all the way from Concord, Massachusetts! We’re having a wonderful time, but it has cut into blogging time & especially on time for blog visits. But I’ll be catching up soon!

Finally, I want to quote a simple line posted by Bay Area friend Scott H. on his Facebook profile today:

“if you don't make every day earth day, it doesn't really count. grab a new habit!”

You said a mouthful there, Scott!


  1. Emma and I 'discovered' Ani Difranco at a WOMAD concert back in the early '90s and were blown away. I was already something of a Utah Phillips fan so when they did an album together I was delighted, both in the anticipation and the event. Thanks for this track, John. Out comes the album and back on the car stereo for the school run. Sorry, kids!

  2. Hi, John! Happy one-day-late-but-everyday-should-be Earth Day!

    I've never heard of either of these talented musicians. Thanks for the intro.

  3. Hi Dick & Karen

    Dick: It'll do the kids good to listen to that! As you probably know, Utah & Ani also did an album of labor songs called "Fellow Workers."

    Karen: You're welcome! Glad you found this interesting!


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