Friday, December 11, 2009

Dad’s Photos #22

We’re back with the penultimate installment of Dad’s Photos, having worked our way thru his old black photo album with shoestring binding in just under a year (the first installment was January 4th 2009, & the last is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, December 27th.

As I mentioned a few installments back, my father apparently ran out of captions at a certain point, & I can only guess at the actual locations of most of the remaining pictures. I will try to pinch-hit on the captions, however, with my best guesswork! There are also fewer photos this time around, simply because the remaining photos didn’t divide neatly into two sets.

Hope you enjoy them.

Car in a driving snowstorm—a Ford?

Same car, parked on a town street; I’m tempted to say both of these were taken in Vermont—especially the first one

Boat on sawhorses—again, I’m betting on Vermont, but I have no idea what/whose house this may be. My father had a lifelong love of boats & especially of fishing from boats!

Again, I’m thinking this is in Vermont—possibly the Saxtons River, which runs thru Westminster & empties into the Connecticut at Bellows Falls. The figure sitting on the rock is small, but it sure looks like my Dad, so someone else may have taken this. Was he fishing?!?

A drive thru the woods—lots of pines, so almost certainly northern New England

This could be the Saxtons River—again, it looks very much like Vermont to me

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  1. Great photographs, the ones of the car are wonderful. Would you mind if I included a link to the post in my Sepia Saturday listing?

  2. Someone must have loved that car, John. Look at how shiny and polished she is!
    Your dad took some great photos and it's been a joy to explore them here on RFB.
    I can't help wondering what that notice in the window read (the one where the car is parked).
    Do you have photos from your Mom's side (she said, hopefully).

  3. I had to comment again, purely because I notice the word verification is "hootch"! I bet that would fit in one of those old blues numbers.

  4. I especially like the one of the drive through the woods. And I like how the oars are propped against the house, in the boat on the saw horses pic. Always love these, John.

  5. i did enjoy them! so fitting with the snow, too. your father was a genius to have all these photos taken and then to care for them as he did.

  6. Hi Alan, Kat, Willow & Jen

    Alan: Absolutely--I'd be honored!

    Kat: I think you're right on the car! Sadly, no, not so many from Mom's side. "Hootch" is a grand word!

    Willow: Thanks--the oars really do catch one's eye, I think!

    Jen: Thanks! It's wonderful to have these photos, & it's been a delight to share them with all of you!

  7. Coming to the end???

    I kind of hoped these were going to be never-ending!

  8. I'm so glad you joined Sepia Saturday today. I've seen you around blogland but don't think I've ever visited you! Love the pictures...sounds like you have a wonderful collection from your dad!
    My favorite is the drive in the woods...just lovely!

  9. Hi Dominic & Betsy

    Dominic: Yes, I wish there were more too! Glad you've enjoyed them.

    Betsy: Thanks for stopping by! I've seen you on Willow's & Alan's blogs. Glad you liked the photos.


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