Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Mississippi Ave Octets

Existential Mississippi Ave Octet #1

sky has made space to the west for one airplane
though it chooses perhaps to steer into clouds—

who can say what this wind had to do with that?
the cars traveling south utter golden words

formed in fiberglass lungs; the cars headed north
speak in a crimson language electric with

vanishing & absence; going before me
a single leaf scrapes pavement, lonesome from birth


Existential Mississippi Ave Octet #2

breeze through the bamboo whispers something yellow
I can’t make out—then what it has to say turns
green tinged black; the red metal bench catches light
along its contours—do people sit there at

times? orange bikes have come home under ash trees
across the avenue; bike racks on this side

stand vacant; if I could catch the bamboos’ drift;
if we could get lost in words on that red bench

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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