Friday, March 31, 2017

March Moon

(8 quatrains)

1. new moon

sky looks even darker in sidewalk puddles;
not that black exuding light from three crows near

this bus stop though, where hawthorn limbs sway east, west:
is this dark enough to make a beginning

2. waxing crescent

traffic tells a story without lacunae—
still early after all, people punctuate

this sidewalk; above, on clouds’ turning pages:
skewed white comma erased, rewritten, erased

3. half moon

night sky’s torn page struck through with three power lines
glinting in rain & streetlights; two cherry trees

throw up gnarled empty hands in resignation—
half-circle smudged in cloud marginalia

4. waxing gibbous

lights constellate between saplings & painted
restaurant facades, all golden, some blinking,

stars that haven't quite fallen, seeking a myth:
white eye flashes through cinematic sky swirl

5. full moon

sedge lets its hair down, dozes pale on the slope;
big cedar watches over it, green boughs gone

blacker than sky where airplane & star flicker:
fullness lingers in cherry tree’s naked arms

6. waning gibbous

the hawthorn branches twist in these gusts, corner
to corner; one crow swoops sideways through straight rain—

one umbrella’s ribbed hemisphere draws nearer:
morning sky stretched solid, also breaking down

7. last quarter

sun burning white just above the roof peak; six
dark windows below out of its view; one house

facing it, glows with a reckless acceptance:
half moon sinks into clouds, the cherry tree’s breath

8. waning crescent

three gulls circle & circle, above, below
the Burnside’s arc; gray cumulus tinged white rings

the sky tall maples reach into, draw back
in wind that carried the last moon past the blue

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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