Friday, March 25, 2016

Passion Hymn, no. 51

Passion Hymn, no. 51

On Valhús hill
a man is being crucified.
And people buy themselves a ride
by bus
to watch him.

It is sunny and warm ,
and the sea is flat and blue.

This is a pretty man
with a high forehead
and peat-gold hair.

And the girl with sea-green eyes
said to me:

Should the guy not be bored
being crucified?

Steinn Steinarr
Translation by Sheila Graham-Smith
© 2016

From Wikipedia:    Steinn Steinarr (born Aðalsteinn Kristmundsson, 13 October 1908 – 25 May 1958) was an Icelandic poet.

    Many Icelanders regard Steinn Steinarr as their greatest poet, although he remains almost unknown outside of Iceland, due perhaps to a lack of effective translations of his poetry.

Image links to its source on Wiki Commons: “Le Christ jaune” (“The Yellow Christ”): Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) – 1889; oil on
Public domain

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