Thursday, February 9, 2012

Raintown #7

drunken noodles on blue plate—basil
leaves mushrooms bean sprouts—desk
lamp’s 40 watt incandescence under a

fern green shade lined & specked with
stylized trees in all directions—orange
spice tea, tickle in the throat, vague

sensation of moving underwater—this
drizzle sparkling bitter in the parking
lot’s jaundiced lights—a body’s failings:

example: abnormal amounts of protein de-
posted in liver cells—or, hell, a rhinovirus
for that matter—car wheels chafing

slick asphalt—the coming & going—
the chicken carrots egg—standing next to the
wrong car something happens that

can’t be explained—two bodies close for
instants & an aftermath of imaginings—
details of which occurrence—capsaicin dilating

membranes agitating nasolacrimal
ducts—golden light thru stylized limbs—
microtones of events vibrating the body

Jack Hayes
© 2012


  1. Those Thais must be on to something! That heightened sense of self and surroundings - you are so good at that, but the ingredient has taken you beyond.

  2. I like how there are indistinct boundaries between the body's interior/cells/etc. and the surrounding world. We know we're not impermeable, how even the activity of our livers is somehow responsive to rain, cars driving past, and of course whatever we ingest. The poem blurs between the speaker's insides and the everything else beautifully.

    I liked this combination of words especially: "drizzle sparkling bitter"


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