Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo of the Week 2/26/12

Portland Skyline & I-5
Taken from the Failing Street Pedestrian Bridge
Thursday 2/23/12

Check in this coming Wednesday for more about this shot!


  1. John -- am I losing it? I came to your blog today and read (and commented) on a post on Elizabeth Cotton, but it's no longer here....

    (BTW, great shot of downtown Portland!)

  2. Hi T: Thanks! That post--& your comment!--are right here

  3. Phew! Thought I'd dreamed it up. Weird in that when I clicked on your blog, that's the page that came up first. Blogger is up to some mischief, I fear.

  4. You're probably right--but then, maybe it was just a happy accident! In case your curious, the "Any Woman's Blues" series, which features a different guitar player, always falls on the last Monday of the month--so there will be a new one tomorrow!

  5. I'm fascinated by a street named Failing! And to think it includes a Failing bridge!

  6. Hi Banjo52: Thanks--stop back by on Wednesday & you can read all about the Failing Bridge!


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