Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photo of the Week 2/19/12

Door Guardian Rocking Horses
N Beech St, Portland Oregon
Saturday, 2/18/12


  1. Nice! This reminds me that Spring is coming and I need to start thinking about window boxes and stuff for the front porch.

  2. Hi Roy & Martin

    Roy: Thanks! Yes, it's on the way. Of course, Portland doesn't really get "winter" in the sense that the Northeast or Midwest does--but definitely a feel of the season changing.

    Martin: So I thought!

  3. A very complex photo. I like the muted colours of the steps against the vibrant plants and the rocking horses. Very interesting!

  4. Hi Kat: Thanks! I took a few more--there were more rocking horse (some for each side of the door) that are over on FB.


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