Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Have you seen tomorrow?"

[Our favorite Rockstar Poet in Residence, Barbie Dockstader Angell, seems to be having a problem with time—I know you will enjoy this delightfully inventive poem!]

Have you seen tomorrow?

Tomorrow was kidnapped
so I’m stuck here for now.
I’m trying to find him
but no one’s sure how.
I’ve searched for a note,
I’ve searched for the clues.
I’d be glad to pay ransom
but I’m not sure to whom.
He was standing alone
at the start of the end,
then Today didn’t finish
so he couldn’t begin.
And then he was gone,
No trace of him left,
so I came to ask you
what you think is best.
Without him around
there's no future at all.
The police are no help,
so don’t bother to call.
They think he’ll show up,
that Tomorrow’s just fine.
He just cannot be rushed,
I should give it some time.
But I’m worried you see,
and I really can’t wait.
I know I’m impatient,
but Tomorrow is late.
And I’m done with Today,
and I have to move on,
so if you see Tomorrow
will you tell him I’ve gone?

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present

Friends, don’t forget: you can check out Barbie’s “work-in-progress” book of children’s poetry that’s scheduled to come out this spring thru Grateful Steps right here at this link.  In fact, today's illustration is taken from the book—many thanks to Barbie for generously allowing me to use it here.  So please stop by, take a look at a wonderful book, & leave a comment for a wonderful poet & a wonderful person.


  1. I know I’m impatient,
    but Tomorrow is late.

    I can see another poem of this kind, where Tomorrow finally arrives but is not what you expect. I liked this one very much, with its frustration and restlessness.

    1. thank you. :) i love that idea. i've often pondered about what might have happened to Tomorrow. the idea came to me after seeing a note on a mirror in a Pink Panther film....it said "kidnap tomorrow." but i do think i might have to give this some deeper thought. thanks again for reading and commenting. sorry for the delay in responding, i've been trapped under something heavy. :)

  2. Hi HKatz: I like this one a lot to! Thanks.

    1. thank you john. :) i'm so sorry i've been remiss in checking back these past few days.

    2. No worries at all, Barbie: I know you have a lot going on these days :)

  3. thank you john, i appreciate that. :)


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