Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photo of the Week 2/5/12

Cherry Sprout Produce
N Albina/Sumner
Portland, Oregon
Saturday 2/4/11


  1. Heh, heh! A little touch of color on a drab winter day. Nice shot, John.

  2. How wonderfully bizarre. One of those pictures that almost defies words.

  3. Holy flying carrots! as Robin might have said. :)

  4. The Giant Carrot? We have Giant Apples, Big Nickels and even a Giant Hoe out west, so I'm not saying a thing! Ha ha.

    Love the bright colours in the photo.

  5. Someone was hallucinating in both technicolour and panavision. "What's up, Doc?"

  6. Can't wait til a giant rabbit comes, and steals this thing. ;)

  7. Hi everybody: Sorry to be late in responding--busy weekend!

    Roy: Thanks! Not drab at all out here, I'm happy to say!

    Alan: Yes, & I do love the wonderfully bizarre.

    Dominic: Perfect!

    Kat: Oh, I haven't heard of any of those--how fun! Thanks.

    Mairi: Yes, indeed!

    Ginger: That's even beyond Harvey.


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