Saturday, July 23, 2011

"We Can Haz Cherry Pie?"

Yours truly needs something a bit lighthearted right about now, & this photo Eberle took on Wednesday evening is pretty doggone sweet.  Of course, raccoons pack a goodly share of aggression along with their intriguingly mischievous looks—just try chasing a mother raccoon & her cubs away from the porch cat's food some evening!  But these two young raccoons seemed to be as intrigued by Eberle & her camera as she was with them.  She says they seemed to think they were invisible in the cherry tree!   

Thanks, Eberle, for making this photo available for Robert Frost's Banjo—but don't share too many of those cherries with the raccoons!


  1. Lovely picture. I have just returned to my room after chasing squirrels away from the bird feeding station - thank goodness we don't have raccoons over here!

  2. What a wonderful photo, John! They do have the sweetest faces, don't they?

    I've been thinking of you both often and hoping that you're doing okay.

    Love to you both,


  3. Never seen a racoon in my life, but those guys sure seem to be having fun up there in the tree! Great catch with the camera there... :)


  4. Hi Alan, Kat & Arnab

    Alan: Yes, the raccoon is a North American creature. Interesting animal, & extremely intelligent, but they are related to bears & have an aggressive streak.

    Kat: Thanks so much!

    Arnab: Thanks for stopping by; appreciate your comment.

  5. That's both cute and startling; great capture.


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