Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Moving Van"

[A great big Robert Frost’s Banjo welcome to Nancy Krygowski, who will be Visiting Poet here for a bit!  You can find more info about Nancy & her work at her website here.  But I will mention that she was the 2006 winner of the Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize, & that her book Velocity was published by the University of Pittsburgh Press.  Meanwhile, L.E. Leone is finding herself in spots such as France, Mexico & Pennsylvania, & as a result will be on vacation from the blog for a bit.  But while we'll miss L.E., I know you are going to enjoy Nancy Krygowski’s fine work every other Tuesday!]


Moving Van

And yet, there are the things that stay behind:  old tweezers in the medicine cabinet, twist ties and rubber bands, post-it note that reminds you, someone, the garbage goes out on Tuesday.  The day the storm came that tore the plum tree in two, I collected hailstones, kept them in the freezer.  Little blind fish eyes, I said to myself. Now they are gifts to you.  There is a rope that tied a hammock to the tree.  There are skin cells posing as dust. (Stay away from the ones from the man that hurt me.)  There are light bulbs and a half-used roll of toilet paper.  There is this future the sun will illuminate, and it doesn’t involve me.  Get used to it.  The tree survived, only smaller.  Dear someone, the fruit is best a little soft and dusty.  Dear someone, I’ve nailed the last kitchen cupboard shut. 

Nancy Krygowski
© 2011


  1. most evocative! great work, nancy!


  2. Hey Jen: Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Despite its dark nature, there is such a pleasure in reading these words, the joy of seeing thoughtful words put together thoughtfully.

  4. The details are well-chosen and well-written; I like how the poem makes you feel like those things are showering down on you. I loved the hailstones being placed in the freezer.

  5. Hi Alan & HKatz

    Alan: I like "thoughtful words put together thoughtfully"--it fits the poem. Thanks for stopping by!

    HKatz: So glad you liked it! Yes, Nancy has a great eye for detail here, & I also liked the hailstones very much. Thanks!


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