Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photo of the Week 7/31/11

Mule deer grazing on Mesa Hill
Mesa, Idaho
Tuesday 7/26/11


  1. Nice shot, John. That's some landscape!

  2. As usual, your photos of Idaho whizz me round the world in my mind's eye.

    Weird questions: are those distant pine (I assume) trees naturally occurring or planted? Were these hills once forest?

  3. Hi Roy & Dominic

    Roy: High rangeland! Thanks.

    Dominic: I don't think that line of pine trees is a remnant & they definitely weren't planted. I'd say that they're just at the right elevation on that ridge to actually grow--the lower elevations around here don't have many trees as there's too little moisture & the soil is hardpan.

  4. I love the shades of brown and the great sense of breadth and distance. I like how I focus on the deer, but then my eyes keep traveling beyond.

  5. Hi HKatz: Thanks for that appreciation of the image!


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