Tuesday, July 5, 2011


[A lovely verse by Barbie Angell about creation & transformation; & the drawing that accompanies it is one of my favorites.  Enjoy!]


She’s living in a song
Somewhere inside a phrase.
A simple soft menagerie
Not breathing till he plays. 
She’s safe inside the tune,
        No fears can catch her now.
Amidst the chords and melodies
Until he takes his bow.

Creation of his mind
Someone he almost knew
Attached by dreams and sealing wax
The fortunes of our youth
Creation of his mind
In search of something true
And if you listen carefully
Someday he’ll sing of you.

She comes to life on stage
Each heartbeat is a note
Given birth to on the page
By the lyrics which he wrote.

And every heartache she endured
And every love she left
Is heard upon the radio
At the listener’s request. 

Inspired by David LaMotte
“hey jane”

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. Tender, touching and memorable! I really like, "She's safe inside the tune" and "At the listener's request." It is a really lovely piece and I like the drawing too - especially the treble-cleffed sun.


  2. Lovely poem. It is great to be back John and to be catching up. I really like the new fresh feel you have given your blog. It wasn't easy to envisage how you could have improved the old one, but somehow you have managed it.

  3. kat, thank you. :) "muse" was written about a song which i adore and the drawing was done for the writer of that song for his birthday. David LaMotte is wonderfully talented and has so very much to say. the song is actually called "janey". you can listen to it here -> http://www.davidlamotte.com/music/corner/
    :) i'm so glad you liked them.


  4. Hi Kat, Alan & Barbie

    Kat: Yes, I'm with you all the way! Thanks.

    Alan: Thanks so much! Yes, the blog is undergoing some changes it seems--for instance, Barbie's work I think brings a delightful new voice. Glad you're enjoying it, & welcome back!

    Barbie: Thanks so much for being a part of this :)


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