Sunday, July 17, 2011

Photo of the Week 7/17/11

Old Grain Silo
Midvale, Idaho
Thursday 7/14/11


  1. Nice shot! We have a whole complex of silos like that right down the road along the RR tracks. Not abandoned, though; they're still very active.

  2. Gray building, gray skies, interesting photo. Maybe this would fit in with Tess' photos of "Abandoned America".

  3. beautiful utilitarian architecture. great photo.

  4. Hi Roy, Lizzy & Jhon

    Roy: Thanks! Southwestern Idaho/Southeastern Oregon is the place for abandoned buildings!

    Lizzy: Thank you! I'll have to check out Tess' series. I only have limited internet access tho until I move to Portland in early August, so my blog visiting is quite curtailed. Thanks for stopping by.

    Jhon: Thanks so much--glad you liked the photo.

  5. As you might be able to imagine, this is the kind of space that burrows into my imagination.

  6. Hi Caroline: That makes me really happy. Yes, I can imagine that!


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