Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Ode to the Incarnations"

[Barbie Dockstader Angell, our rockstar poet in residence, knows just how she's like to interact with the big concepts - the illustration, entitled "Mother Nature" is hers as well.  Enjoy!] 

Ode to the Incarnations

i’d like to shake the hands of Time
     and see the face of Death.
Cover myself in the tapestry of Life
     as i take my final breath.

i’d like to make the rain begin
     and see the silence end.
i’d like to live my life again
     with Chaos as my friend.

i’d like to have a talk with God
     and see just how She feels
about the devil of a mess we’re in
     and maybe strike a deal.

i’d like to wield the sword of War
     and feel the Nature of Peace.
i’d like to talk with the Wizard of Sand
     to find out why i can’t sleep.

i’d like them to create me a dreamland
     and take all the terror away.
i’d like to, but last time i met them
 i just couldn’t decide what to say.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. It’s time I said hello. We have similar “handles” and similar interests--poetry, old-timey things, country things (though I've become suburbanized after growing up in the Ohio River Valley), and if I recall correctly, U.Va. I plan to check out your miscellany more often—good stuff here.

  2. Hi Banjo52:

    Welcome, & thanks for following! Your blog looks great & I'll look forward to stopping by & reading what you have to say about some poems I like a lot. Thanks again.

  3. Of course you know how I love good rhyme and this certainly is very good, but it is also the seeming lightheartedness that belies depth that appeals to me.
    The last line is a real winner!


  4. Hi Kat: The mix of apparent lightheartedness with actual depth is absolutely what I find most appealing about Barbie's poems--very well put. & we agree on the last line too!

  5. thank you. : ) i take a risk going so far from mainstream poetry....i'm glad to hear it comes across well.

  6. Hi Barbie: That it does--& very to have you participating in this blog!

  7. Aw, what a yearning! Nice choice of words and theme and mood. nice illustration also. keep 'em up!

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  8. thank you "party peep" : ) the poem was inspired by the "Incarnations of Immortality" series by Piers Anthony. i'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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  10. Hi Party Peep & Rach

    Party Peep: Thanks for stopping by!

    Rach: Thanks so much for your support & for spreading the word about the awesomeness of the rockstar poet in residence!

  11. thank you rach. : ) that particular book series by Piers Anthony really inspired me. you wouldn't believe how many people get upset that god is a woman in that poem....well, maybe You would. : )


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