Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Happy Wednesday, all. I’ve been looking for the perfect time to feature today’s video—a story from folksinger / raconteur / anarchist Utah Phillips with musical backing by Ani DiFranco—for some time. At a certain point, I realized there might not be a perfect time—so I’m taking this opportunity to share it with you.

I can’t add much to what Utah Phillips has to say; this is an extremely powerful & moving testimony. There are many memorable moments, but the final line always sticks with me: “It was all wrong & it all had to change, & that change had to start with me.”

Hope you find this moving & inspiring, too. Oh, yes
: Adams County Makes the News will be returning on June 23rd, & will continue every other Wednesday from then on until the series is completed.


  1. That was both amazing and powerful, John. I both laughed and cried. So true ... change begins with yourself. (I love Ani de Franco, too).

  2. Hi Nana Jo: So glad you liked this! Yes, Ani DiFranco is an interesting musician!

  3. Douglas MacArthur was a real piece of work. His unpreparedness and his hubris led to almost every death in Korea; he died with a lot of blood on his hands.

    Harry Truman hated MacArthur, and wondered in his diary how the same institution (the Army) that produced men as great as Grant and Eisenhower could also produce a horror like MacArthur.

  4. Hi K: Thanks for that perspective!


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