Friday, June 11, 2010

Homegrown Radio 6/11/10

Friday is upon us, which means it’s time for another edition of Homegrown Radio—this month featuring Earl Butter! Let’s not shilly shally; here’s what Earl has to say about today’s two songs:

Library Lady and Eve, I believe are actually the same song, but written one step down from each other keywise. Eve, I think is the odd man out of this batch, in that I believe it is from a lyric idea I had laying around for awhile, and then one day picked up the guitar and decided I was going to "put it down" before I lost the little scrap of paper it was written on. It also keys in on my wonderful voice and the magic that I can do with it by stretching out a note and wiggling it around. It really is a great gift and I really am wonderful.

Library Lady really IS unwritten and spontaneous, and really was sung to (kind of at) my cat. I get very anxious before every class I teach, and well, this day I remembered that we were having a guest come in and boom, as I am Earl Butter, I made it into art. It really is just a chorus, or an intro or something. But notice how wonderful the harmony is. Wow. Way to go Earl Butter!

Both of these have added verses and stuff to them, and will someday be recorded in full. But I think they stand alone the way they are and the way they began, as beautiful spontaneous and incredible and amazing little bursts of songcraftingism.

Hope you enjoy them!


Library Lady


  1. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  2. Seriously. Is that you! LMArseO!!!
    (I SO need an alter ego right now.)


  3. Gosh, this was fun!! Thanks for the Friday smiles.

  4. And enjoy them I did. Another fine episode.

  5. Hi Joven, Kat, Willow & Alan

    Joven: Thanks for stopping by!

    Kat: I can see how you thought that, looking at the pic! That's funny--no, Earl Butter is an alter ego of someone, but it's not mine!

    Willow: So glad you enjoyed it!

    Alan: Thanks so much!

  6. You're a good DJ Mr. Hayes! Thanks for an enjoyable accompaniement to my lunch.

  7. Hi Tony & Nana Jo: Happy to be spinning some wax (in a digital sense) for you both!


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