Saturday, June 12, 2010

California or Bust!…Busted….

As some of you know, my recent California road trip came to an abrupt halt in Winnemucca, Nevada—turns out good pal L.E. Leone has contracted some sort of respiratory infection that sounds quite a bit like the flu. Anyway, discretion proved the better part of valor, & sad to say (for L.E.’s sake) it was a wise decision, as apparently her condition has not improved.

But speaking of blogmates, I have Audrey Bilger to thank for stressing to me that I should take road trip photos—this, combined with some good music on the cd player, made what would have been just a long, disappointing ride into some fun. Thought I’d share a few of the pix with you this evening—& what I think is the best of the lot will be appearing here tomorrow as the Photo of the Week.

Meantime, yours truly is quite tired out, & so hasn’t been paying any blog visits for the past couple of days. I expect that to change tomorrow!

Top pic: US 95 South in the Oregon Desert

Abandoned shack in the Owyhee Desert, near the Idaho-Oregon border

Old homestead with obligatory locust tree, east of Jordan Valley, Oregon

The High Mountain Desert in Southeastern Oregon

Diner/Service Station in Burns Junction - no longer a going concern

Casino with a matter-of-fact name; McDermitt, Nevada, just over the Oregon border

The Orovada Store, Oravada, Nevada - out of business

Snow falling near Paradise Summit, Nevada - a few miles south there were patches of snow on the road shoulder

Sand dunes north of Winnemucca, Nevada

Winnemucca, Nevada - the end of the trail this time around!


  1. I know I just got back from a trip, but your photos make me long to hop into the motor home and head south. I'm glad to hear that you found the silver lining in your beclouded trip, John.

  2. All of your photos are so interesting. I like the short trip that you took.

  3. Hi Sandra & LD

    Sandra: Yes, head the Turtle southward! Glad you liked the photos.

    LD: Thanks so much!

  4. I'm sorry your trip had to be cut short (and I hope L.E. feels better soon).

    Thanks for sharing the pics; they capture the interest, variety and beauty of the places you drove through.

  5. Such evocative pictures for this long-term Frontier romantic, stuck here in the Old Country!

    Sorry the trip stopped short and I hope that L.E. is back to health.

  6. Photography heaven! I'd love to go.
    That little house with the huge locust tree is such a great image.

  7. Terrific photos. almost makes me wnat to head west with the little ole Leica. But I keep thinking about that snake warning sign....

  8. You take such wonderful pictures, John. Like your writing, they reveal new lights and angles on the world. Attention is key!

  9. Hi HKatz, Dick, TFE, Lana & Audrey

    HKatz: So glad you liked the pictures--thanks!

    Dick: I love the ramshackle buildings on the old western highways--of course, it's a slanted picture of the whole, because there are a smattering of contemporary convenience stores too (tho in general, this drive is a lonesome route). Glad you enjoyed them.

    TFE: Thanks--almost all the old homestead sites have locust trees.

    Lana: Would love for you to bring your Leica out this way--we'll keep the snakes away!

    Audrey: Thanks so much!


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