Monday, November 23, 2009

We Interrupt Our Regular Programming…..

Happy Monday everybody—it’s cold & wintery here in Indian Valley, & I fear yesterday’s snow may be with us for awhile—possibly until March. Yikes!

But on to happier subjects. This is just to let all interested parties know that the first post is up on Platypuss-in-Boots, & you can read it here. Thru some glitch or hiccup on Blogger it doesn’t seem to be getting picked up by any RSS feeds—I think I understand the problem, & everything should work fine for the next Platypuss-in-Boots post on Wednesday—I think it had to do with a time zone mix-up in the post scheduling (Mountain Time just gets no respect!) But please do swing by for the big opening day celebration.

& thanks to you Robert Frost’s Banjo followers who’ve already started following on Platypuss-in-Boots!

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