Friday, November 20, 2009

Indian Valley in Pix #3

It’s Friday, so let’s take another drive in Indian Valley! Today we’ll be following Gray’s Creek Rd. There’s some confusion to the unwary traveler involving Gray’s Creek, because there’s Gray’s Creek Rd, South Grays Creek Rd, & North Grays Creek Rd. But today, we’ll be on the “main drag.”

In other news: do keep an eye on Robert Frost’s Banjo this weekend, because you'll see even more exciting announcements here over the next few days!

Old tires serve many purposes on a ranch—as we turn onto Gray’s Creek Rd, we look south toward Mesa, which is the hill flecked with houses

A common design of irrigation equipment

This pic didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but those are cedar splits used for fencing stacked up by the hay

A view to the west (we’ve turned from heading almost due east to almost due north—the plume of smoke may be someone burning a slash pile, a common activity this time of year; slash is the small diameter wood & brush left over after logging

Love the 55-gallon drums for & tires holding up the trailer! Cool bus & old barn, too

Dairy cow with sagebrush

A mullein—these plants are very common throughout the area

Rangleand & not-so-distant mountains

A view back almost due south thru the valley from a high point on Grays Creek Rd


  1. I love these types of photos. They are almost randomised : taken to show what something is actually like rather than to paint a pretty picture. As for RFB, I am going to have to keep calling by all weekend to find out what this announcement is going to be.

  2. The shot of the cow in the sagebrush could be out of Colville's portfolio.
    We get mullein here as well, in the garden,but it doesn't look like that one. Must be a different variety.

    Your photos are always a treat, John.

    I'm glad you advised of the new things to come this weekend; I don't always check things out on Saturday and Sunday, but I'll make a point of it.

  3. Always fun to see your neck of the woods, John. Lots of texture in your landscape, which is a lovely change from our flat-as-a-pancake horizon.

  4. Hi Kat & Willow:

    & thanks to you both for the kind words. I think Indian Valley is a great spot to photograph.

  5. There is so much loneliness in these photos --


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