Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mystery Animal Arrives at Idaho Ranchette

Have you ever seen such a critter? You might almost call him Platypuss in Boots!”

& if you did, you’d be right, because that is indeed his name. But what is Platypuss in Boots doing on a little 10-acre ranchette in southwestern Idaho?

You must stay tuned, because soon Platypuss in Boots will be telling you all sorts of stories about himself & his many, many friends in an enchanted land known as Big Bed Land.

But for now, please be patient just a bit longer & make sure to check by Robert Frost’s Banjo tomorrow for a big announcement!

Oh, & before I get too distracted by the Platypuss & his friends like Pinky the Elephant, Pirate Goat, & Gretel the Kangaroo & her joey Bink: tomorrow on The Days of Wine & Roses—a prose poem from my San Francisco days.

See you again soon!


  1. anxiously awaiting the stories to unfold!!!

  2. Hi Heather & Chris:

    Thanks! More news to come later today!

  3. Looking forward to the stories, Platty!

    Those boots were made for talkin' alright...

    Peace ~ Rene


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