Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dad’s Photos #20

Wow—twenty installments of Dad’s Photos, & there it looks like there are enough photos for three more after this one. Sure has been great getting these pix out for folks to see.

In case you missed the last installment, we’ve reached the point where my Dad stopped putting in his often droll & pithy captions, so I’ll do my best to pinch-hit. Again, these photos were taken around his cabin in Athens, Vermont in the winter of 1939-1940. Since my father is in all but two of the photos, I'm guessing these were taken either by my Mom or by my Uncle Jim, by Dad's older brother.


Dad, happy on a winter’s day

Pretty sure this is my Uncle Jim, my father’s older brother

Dad on snowshoes

Uncle Jim in the cabin

My father getting ready for a ski

The hard way uphill!

Dad takes to the air

Dad heads cross-country

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  1. Thanks For Sharing John.A Wonderful Series Continues.The Quality is top notch + they give a real sense of Time&Place.
    Have A Good Sunday.

  2. Thanks Tony--you have a good one too!

  3. Very nice... I've missed some of the series & shall need to go back for a visit. Happy November.

  4. Hi Lizzy: Thanks! Hope you enjoy the "back issues," & Happy November to you & yours.

  5. I wish my parents had chronicled their early lives with as many photos. Love your uncle's hat - a fedora?

  6. Heh. I wish I could develop an appreciation of the joys of winter. I spent 20+ years in a place that suffered six months of winter every year, and I never got used to it. Thus, I take particular joy in looking at your dad's photos -because I can look at them (and enjoy them) without actually freezing. ;>)

  7. You know how much I love these. Especially this one of your dad, airborne!

  8. Hi Sandra & Willow

    Sandra: I have very similar feelings about winter--it looks much better in a photo!

    Willow: Yes, that might be my favorite from this batch too. Thanks!

  9. I missed these on the first go-round. It's hard to believe you're up to 21 instalments!

    These shots of your dad and Uncle really give a sense of simple contentment. You must have inherited that inate longing for an uncomplicated life.

  10. Hi Kat:

    Yes, but they both liked winter more than I do!

    I think there will be a total of 23 installments--an odd number, but that's what it looks like now.


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