Sunday, November 22, 2009

Announcing Platypuss in Boots!

[Today’s guest blogger is Pinky the Elephant, & she has an important announcement to make!]

Well tomorrow will be an exciting day for us in Big Bed Land! Some of us have been working hard (and some very hard and some not at all, which is also very important) to find a way to link to what you call blogging. If I take a moment to shop the minds of a few Big Bed Land animals, I see that Pirate Goat imagines blogging as some kind of very fast tobogganing, and Madame Manatee thinks of it as bouncing a large head of cabbage around in the water for a while before eating it, and the little Finger Pigs remember looking up in dismay, worried that blogging would somehow replace their favored means of travel, which is by hot air balloon.

So you can imagine that Platypuss and Boo Boo the Bear and Lion O’Lion have been busy answering questions and calming anxieties, and the truth is we are all finally excited about being a part of Platypuss-in-Boots! Even though very few of us, even now, know exactly how blogging works. I, for instance, have no idea how the history and adventures of Big Bed Land animals will go through Platypuss and into the invisible ocean of E-waves to come to you! But I trust Piggles and Lion O’Lion and Dog and they all say it will work fine.

I will be your hostess at Platypuss-in-Boots and keep you posted on upcoming events. Also, I’m
here to make you feel welcome if you don’t happen to be used to talking with your animals. It’s perfectly safe, don’t worry!

Lastly, Eberle (who can be shy at times) and all of us (rarely shy, to tell the truth) would like to thank all of you for your participation in RFB (what a grand diorama it is!) and for your comments to Eberle—she has appreciated these!

And by the way—don’t forget to visit John’s poetry blog!

Hope to see you tomorrow at Platypuss-in-Boots!

by Pinky


  1. Hi Alan--& thanks (& Eberle & Pinky et al thank you too!)

  2. I;m With The Finger Pigs On This One!

  3. Hi Pinky, nice to meet you - and Eberle the shy one, and the other not-so-shy ones lol. Always enjoyed John's Banjo not to mention John himself, this is a sweet charming idea - very creative! :-))

  4. So very cool. Wilson and Steinbeck and Duffy will be following with pleasure, as will I.

    Greetings to the shy one!

  5. Hi Sandra: You'll all be very welcome there!

  6. Hi Cathy: & thanks from Pinky & friends!


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