Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Music Tuesday

I’m way behind my time! Yesterday was a very hectic day—not only the weekly trek to Cascade & back thru McCall for various wellness appointments, both of which fell much later in the day than usual, but also as I was heading back down the mountain I found out that US Highway 95 was closed between New Meadows & Council, & was expected to be closed for quite some time due to a horrific traffic accident. As time passed—& after eating supper at the same restaurant where I’d had lunch—I was faced with three options: stay in McCall for the night; drive south to the Boise area then head back northwest to Indian Valley (a good 3 hour drive) or try one last time to see if traffic was being allowed thru.

Turned out it was,
local traffic at least, & cars that could handle the detour, which involved a rough one lane dirt road—but I was glad to be on it at the time. Anyway, I didn’t make it back until 9:30, 10 hours after I’d left, & any hopes of the more elaborate post I’d planned for today were out the window, especially since my fatigue was compounded by the fun but tiring weekend. Of course, the accident itself put this all in perspective—how lucky I am to be tired or delayed or pretty much anything….

Today was my favorite monthly gig, at the Salubria Center in Cambridge, ID. Cambridge is a small town about a dozen miles south of us, a cozy little farming village with trim houses & some nice shops. It also has a really wonderful assisted living facility in the Salubria Center. This place has such a positive vibe, & the folks there are so appreciative. Tho I was a bit tuckered out, I looked forward to playing & had a good time. The set list:

Waiting For A Train - Guitar

Ain’t Misbehavin’ - Guitar
Mean Old Bedbug Blues – Guitar
She Caught The Katy – Guitar
Polly Wolly Doodle – Banjo
Make Me A Pallet For Your Floor – Banjo
Honky Tonk Blues – Banjo

My Creole Belle – Banjo
Gonna Move Up To The Country – Banjo
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again – Banjo
Green Green Rocky Road – Guitar
Cuckoo – Guitar
Freight Train Blues – Guitar
Gentle On My Mind – Guitar

As you can see, the banjo is now officially a part of the act; the folks today really liked it as they told me afterwards (I think “Polly Wolly Doodle” was the hit of the day, as it should be). Now I’ve got to work on getting some of this new material recorded. Oh yes, for those who are curious: Buffy the Buffalo was there, tho you can't see her. Sometimes she stays in the guitar case, but her mojo is strong & works as long as she's at the gig.

By the way, a big Robert Frost’s Banjo thanks to our friend & fellow In
dian Valley-ite Heather U., who was not only there to support the gig but also took the pix. Thanks, Heather!

Hope this finds you all in a good place. Carpe Diem!


  1. You can tell by the picture that they are really enjoying your music, John. It's such a lovely way to give to the community.

  2. and what a lovely facility to perform in-how were the acoustics?

  3. Hi Willow & Chris:

    Willow: I sure do enjoy it, & I'm glad it gives these folks some enjoyment too.

    Chris: Yes, the acoustics are good. They have a piano if you're ever in this part of the world!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do, John. I know how much happiness you brought to those folks with your tunes! People like you make the world a little better place.

  5. Hi Karen:

    That's very kind of you to say, but the truth is I get a lot out of it too.

  6. That's quite an impressive set, John. It's no wonder you're tired afterward. I enjoy performing at retirement homes, as well. It helps that my audience likes the same music I do. ;>) Will you be recording Polly Wolly Doodle?

  7. The Salubria Center and your very special audience sounds like a great gig.

  8. Hi Sandra & Jacqueline:

    Sandra: A definite yes on Polly Wolly Doodle! Eberle's taking a trip back east in August & I'm thinking now I may use that time for recording.

    Jacqueline: I love it every month!

  9. Oh, I hope the people in the accident are okay now...

    And I hope you get some rest: if you're still tired out. :)

    It's nice of you to go play for people.


    Will you teach me to play the banjo?

    I watched a clip over at Youtube the other day, of a man playing the theme from LAURA on his guitar, and I thought, Wouldn't that make a fun post? Me playing 'Laura' on the banjo.

    Plus Burt is awful lonely...he spends most of his time locked up in a case. :)

  10. Hi Ginger:

    I'd be happy to teach you banjo, but I don't know how that would work out over the internet. Also, fwiw, I have a pretty unconventional playing style-- when I play it pretty much sounds like what you'd expect but my right-hand technique is much more like fingerstyle guitar (for obvious reasons) than conventional banjo. But the most important thing, & the first step: "Free Burt!"


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