Friday, July 24, 2009

Dad’s Photos #13

Time for some more of Dad’s Photos, & I believe the current batch are the oldest in the album—at least some of them date from 1937. During this period my father worked as a valet at an upscale restaurant in Wayland, MA called Ten Acres. My mother believes he also cooked at this establishment. Judging from the pictures, he was quite proud of the job.

It’s also interesting that these are the early ph
otos from the album because the quality seems a bit below average, particularly with a couple of the images being over-exposed. According to my mother, my father used a Leica camera in taking the photos found in this album—I wonder if it was new to him then & he was still getting used to it; she also says he sold the camera in 1941 to finance their honeymoon!

In other news—this will be one busy weekend, so I may not get to other folks’ blogs as much as usual & may be a bit slow on responding to comments here.

Hope you enjoy these photos.

Marlboro, Mass. – Remember Rufus – “Bronx Café” [Sorry, no info on either Rufus or the Bronx Café]

Family Style Dinner – Terrace Room – Ten Acres

Ten Acres – Wayland, Mass – 1937-1938

Rollerway – Marlboro, Mass

Big Shot
In the Dough

George, Ray & Old Ralph – Ten Acres [Sorry, no info here, either, but I liked the photo; the fellow on the right - presumably "Old Ralph" - sorta reminds me of William S Burroughs]


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  1. Great photos, so atmospheric. When I am scanning and posting old photos I always think that somehow I am preserving them for posterity.

  2. Great pictures !

    N i guess "Old is gold"


  3. LOVE these images!!! nothing like windows into yesteryear! great pictures and memories - jenean

  4. Hi Alan & Escapist & Jenean

    Alan: Yes, I guess I have something of that feeling. I do know my father would be flabbergasted to think that people from all over had the chance to see his photos.

    Escapist: Thanks! Cool blog you've got going, too. Stop by any time.

    Jenean: Thanks--I love the old photos as a window into a past time--also loved the ones you posted today.

  5. Great photos again! I've got a load of my dad's old slides. I must get scanning them.

  6. Big Shot! I loved that. It seems like he lived such a full life - a man b/f his time - taking pictures like he did and keeping them.

  7. Hi Jen & Dominic:

    Dominic: I'd love to see them. My dad took a lot of slides, too, but I don't know if they're extant.

    Jen: Thanks! I really like both "Big Shot" & "In the Dough."


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