Friday, July 10, 2009

Dad’s Photos #12

Time for another installment of Dad’s Photos; this time around the pictures are a bit of a hodge-podge; I’m pretty sure the photos captioned “A Swell Combination” & “Some Hick” are from the trip to Salem Lake in July of 1938; other photos are from Wayland, Massachusetts, another of my father’s residences in the late 30s. Some more are coming up from that location in the next post, so I’ll try to find out a bit of back story to share then.

As usual, captions in italics are my father’s; my notes are in brackets & not in italics. Enjoy!

New England Hydro Plant at Bellows Falls, Vermont (High Water)

A Swell Combination

Some Hick

Hometown [Bellows Falls—I believe this is looking north or northeast; if that’s true, the plume of smoke to the right is probably a train, since that would be where the train tracks run on the New Hampshire side]


Home Port (Wayland, Mass)

Wayland, Mass (The Fork in the Road)

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  1. Could that second photo be the worlds first amphibious vhicle? Great pics as usual, John.

  2. I love seeing these old pics, John. That's a handsome guy there.

  3. The Fork in the Road looks like a picture Marian Post-Walcott would take.

  4. Hi TFE, Karen & K:

    TFE: Thanks! I'm thinking the car may function more as an anchor than as ballast.

    Karen: Thank you!

    K.: Thanks for that comparison-- sure my dad would have been flattered. In case anyone's curious, you can find a Wiki Commons page of Post-Wolcott's work here

  5. The photos certainly turn the hands of the clock back - back to the visions I yet hold of old cars and simpler times... just the sepia tone alone sets the scene for my vivid memories of the 40's - Now I want to dig up some of those stored memories!
    A fun post - thank you.

  6. They exude a sense of peacefulness, don't they?

  7. Hi Rose Marie & Jacqueline:

    Rose Marie: I agree completely on the sepia tone--the old photos are just lovely.

    Jacqueline: I agree. There's something static (in a good sense, think) in these photos that contributes to that.

  8. Oh, that 'some hick' is pretty handsome!

    I like that suit he's wearing. :)

  9. And the sepia boats are nice too. ;)

  10. Hi Ginger: Yes, that's a good photo of my dad, & I also like that boat photo quite a bit.

  11. Is "some hick" your dad? Love that photo. Treasures!

  12. Hi T:

    That it is, & I like that photo, too. Thanks.

  13. have just come across your site which i must confess i find fascinating - thanks for sharing - i'm a relative newcomer to the blogging life but have several on which i'm working - some in early infancy - anyway, feel free to drop by whenever you're in my neighborhood - till then - jenean

  14. Hi Gypsywoman, & thanks for those kind words. You have quite a blog line-up going there, & all interesting. Realy enjoyed the old photos & the history on the YAYA Tree. Thanks for following here!

  15. It's your dad's captions that always get me: "Some Hick" and "A Swell Combination" are priceless.


  16. Hi Kat:

    Dad was quite a wit in his day--the wry Yankee sense of humor with a liberal splash of Irish mischief.


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