Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Computers: The Rest of the Story

Hi folks—just quickly checking in to let you know that things are indeed back to normal computer-wise here in Robert Frost’s Banjo land. Of course, things are a bit different, since I did manage to pick up a laptop along the way, but that will take its rightful (& most appropriate) place as a secondary machine & travel machine. The old desktop clunker is back up & running. The CPU had gone completely on the fritz (explaining the machine’s recent proclivity to run out of memory & then do all sorts of wild & unpredictable things, most of them a bit unpleasant). This of course finally manifested itself by the machine not doing anything at all, which is extraordinarily unpleasant.

Anyway, just a help
ful hint to anyone out there—having my stuff thoroughly backed up made this whole situation a lot better than it could have been—I’ve been in that other position in the past & don’t want to be there again. So if you’re not already, how’s about getting on some consistent back-up plan so when something bad goes down with the ol’ computer it’ll just be a case of dealing with a malfunctioning machine—not a case of losing personal work or mementos.

Thanks for the well wishes during the down time! & thanks Eberle for the computer time!


  1. Welcome back to the land of the on-line living. Prompted by your tale I will run a back-up tomorrow. Now all I have to do is to hope that the computer doesn't fail overnight.

  2. I use those flashy plug-in things for your hard-drive? Thanks for reminding me; I need to upload more recent stuff. (If I can remember where I put the thing!)


  3. I use one of those flash drive thingies, too. Glad to hear everything's up and operational. Cool laptop. I want one.

  4. Hi Alan & Kat & Willow:

    Thanks, & here's to backed up files!


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