Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Country Blues" on Just a Song

Mornin’, everybody. Any Dock Boggs fans out there? If so, you might want to swing by Just a Song for my take on the great banjoist/bootlegger/coal miner’s bone-chilling song of rural dissipation& you’ll get two great Doc(k)s for the price of one, because there are are YouTube clips of both Boggs’ version & Doc Watson’s later take on “Country Blues.”

Hey, even if you don’t know about Dock Boggs, here’s your chance & you’ll get to hear one of the real prototypical old-time music songs; & to top it off, Just a Song is a great blog, the brainchild of Citizen K, who’s assembled a number of other musically-oriented bloggers as co-contributors; your own humble banjoist is just one among them.

Finally, be sure to tune back in to Robert Frost’s Banjo just a bit later this morning, because there’ll be a translation of a poem by Benjamin Péret—complete with a car in the Garden of Eden!

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